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What is Bookkeeping?

"Bookkeeping is the occupation of recording the financial activities of a business,
though at Inspired Business Services it goes much further than that."​
Bookkeepers are considered an essential ‘accounts all-rounder’ for any start-up, small business, sole proprietor or individual.  A key asset to any effective business model, their primary responsibilities include recording day-to-day financial transactions, maintaining accurate transaction records and providing financial reports/statements for legal, taxation or informative purposes.
Let us keep track of your financial records and free up your day.
Why use a Bookkeeping service?
"It is important to record all your business’ financial information,
but it is also important to have those records accurate."
A bookkeeper is responsible for accurate and timely compiling of a business’ financial transactions.  While day-to-day tasks vary depending on the business, bookkeeping remains an essential service for a functional and financially sound business.  It not only takes the strain off of the business owner, but by law a business is required to hold accurate financial records for the last 7 years. 

Do something about it now - don’t get caught out! 

why use I.B.S. as a Bookkeeping service?

"Free time in your day and space in your mind knowing your
financial records are accurate and interpretable."

With a mind for business, we know what helps business!  IBS is dedicated to improving the state of your financial accounts, the flow of your goods and services and the overall efficiency and productivity of your business.  Let us take the strain off the financial and administrative side of your business – we utilise market leading software and years of experience. That way you can expect an efficient yet accurate service allowing you to get on with the things that you do best!
I.B.S. will record and prepare accurate statements for your business.
the Building Industry Credit Bureau (B.I.C.B.)
"B.I.C.B.  provides accurate credit information to suppliers and subcontractors."
The Building Industry Credit Bureau is a powerful tool in which we are able to search creditors for their credit rating.  As a member of the B.I.C.B. we are able to provide feeback to  suppliers and subcontractors with the creditor's risk analysis.  This allows for greater financial security in the supply of goods and services.
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